Urinary Infection Test [SILEX™ - Self Test]

Urinary Tract Infection Test Silex
Urinary Infection Test [SILEX™ - Self Test]
Urinary Infection Test [SILEX™ - Self Test]

Urinary Infection Test [SILEX™ - Self Test]

Urinary Tract Infection Test (UTI) for the detection of leukocytes and nitrates in urine to determine the presence of a urinary tract infection.

UTI is a common problem and around 50% of women face this problem at some point in their lives. Urinary tract infection includes cystitis or bladder infections as well as kidney infection.

This easy to use self test will give you clear and fast results. 

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  • Instant results at home
  • Test at home for your peace of mind
  • Reliable detection of UTI
  • Free Standard Delivery
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  • Specimen: urine
  • Clinically tested accuracy > 99.5%
  • Rapid result in 2 mins.
  • Video and step-by-step instructions can be found below.

The urine infection test requires a fresh urine sample.

Visual results will be available within 2 minutes.

Please read the full instruction manual contained in the pack before commencing use.

Please contact your local pharmacy or GP if you receive a positive result or symptoms still occur but test is negative.

Always follow the instructions provided in the package with the test.

Performing your test:

1) Open the foil pouch and take out the test strip. Do not touch the test fields Once opened the pouch, it is recommended to perform the test immediately.

2) Dip the test strip in the urine sample.

Press the strip and make sure that all four test fields are immersed for about 1 2 seconds.

3) Then remove the test strip and wipe off any surplus urine against the rim of the container or with an absorbent material (e.g. a paper towel) to avoid mixing chemicals from adjacent reagent areas.

4) Wait for 2 min. (do not read results after 3 minutes) Read the separately for each parameter, compare colour with colour chart provided.

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Guide to your urinary tract infection self-test

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