Vaginal Infection Self-Test [SILEX™ - Self Test]

Vaginal Infection Self-Test [SILEX™ - Self Test]
Vaginal Infection Self-Test [SILEX™ - Self Test]
Vaginal Infection Self-Test [SILEX™ - Self Test]

Vaginal Infection Self-Test [SILEX™ - Self Test]

Vaginal Infection Self-Test to determine vaginal pH as an aid to the investigation of vaginal discharge or odour.

An acidic vaginal pH value of 3.8 - 4.5 is a basic requirement for the optimal functioning of the body’s own system for protecting the vagina.

A vaginal pH outside of this threshold is indicative of Bacterial Vaginosis.

This easy to use self test can give you a clear and fast indication if an infection is present. 

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Bacterial vaginosis doesn’t have to stop you in its tracks. With our vaginal PH test strips, you’ll only ever be a matter of minutes away from a set of dependable results, allowing you to seek urgent treatment, relieve irritating symptoms, and avoid potential complications, with bacterial vaginosis presenting risks for pregnant women.

The Vaginal Infection Self-Test is a rapid test for the semi-quantitative determination of pH in female vaginal swab specimens. For self-testing in vitro diagnostic use only.

Bacterial vaginosis (also known as vaginal infection) often causes unusual vaginal discharge that has a strong fishy smell. It can also change colour and consistency, becoming greyish-white and watery. A vaginal infection is a common condition caused by the overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. Normally, there is a healthy mix of bacteria in the vagina, which is important and we rely on them being there. However, in bacterial vaginosis, the natural balance of vaginal bacteria is altered.

Around half of women with bacterial vaginosis do not have any symptoms. Bacterial vaginosis does not usually cause any soreness or itching. It is not a sexually transmitted disease and it is not caused by poor hygiene either.

What is the treatment for bacterial vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis can be treated with antibiotics or gels/creams prescribed by a GP. If you have a same-sex partner, they may also need treatment. In some cases, bacterial vaginosis can reoccur and further treatment may be required.

Always follow the instructions provided in the package with the test.

1. Use the swab to collect the vaginal secretion from the vagina.

2. Apply the swab head onto the pH test area at least 5 times.

3. Read the results immediately whilst the measurement zone is still moist.

Please refer to self-test insert for full instructions and how to interpret your results.

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Guide to your vaginal infection self-test

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